What is Data Galaxy

Data Galaxy is a massive, cloud-based database of business, economic and consumer data that is incredibly affordable and easy to use.


Created by data scientists at Scorelogix®, Data Galaxy™ is an immense database that contains millions of data series and includes proprietary ZIP economic indices and vast amounts of data collected, curated, and updated from hundreds of public and private sources. With Data Galaxy, you can find and download data in minutes instead of hours, in excel and pdf, and use it in your presentations, reports, analyses, models, and forecasts. Fact is, getting data can take as much as 90% of time in a project but Data Galaxy takes the drudgery out of data gathering.


DataGalaxy can save hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions, to companies by lowering their data costs, increasing efficiency and productivity, and by improving decisions through use of its proprietary data. It contains national, regional and local’ data on ‘economy, consumers, businesses, demographics, income, credit, housing, trade, labor statistics, government, employment, and other useful data that companies like to use.


Good data makes decisions better, analysis more interesting, and presentations more impressive. Data Galaxy makes it happen.


DataGalaxy offers 3 big advantages:

— DataGalaxy increases productivity significantly, by providing instant access to millions of data series and saving time on data collection from dozens of external sites.

— DataGalaxy includes Scorelogix’s proprietary ZIP level indices which are not available elsewhere. These proprietary ZIP indices are like smart data, because they can be directly used by marketing people for customer segmentation and sales forecasting; and by finance people for risk analysis and loss forecasting.

— Data on DG costs just a $1-2 per data series compared to $30-40 for the same exact data series from Economy.com.


DataGalaxy is cheaper, better, faster and friendlier! Give it a try and you will know.