"A huge time saver for us. We accomplish in minutes what used to take us hours. DataGalaxy is indispensable for us. What I like most about DataGalaxy it is just so easy to use - it has nice data menu and it is very intuitive to find data series. And all the key data that I typically need for my analysis is readily available on this site and I don't have to go to dozens of external sites in search of data. Moreover, I can download data in excel for analysis and also download nice customizable charts that are report ready - which saves me a ton of time. DataGalaxy has greatly increased my efficiency and I no longer waste hours after hours just searching for data and preparing the data because DataGalaxy has data that I can readily use".

Nick M, VP, Financial Institution


"I use DataGalaxy whenever I need data for investor reports, sales projects, and presentations. Now, I don't have to ask my staff to stop their work in order to pull data for me or wait for hours and days for others to create datasets for me. Now I can find the data I need in minutes and I don't have to bother anyone. Additionally, our analysts are saving a lot time by using DataGalaxy for their analytical endeavors".

Matt B, CEO, Educational Services


"Now I keep Data Galaxy open all the time and use it at least a few times every day for pulling data for my planning and budgeting models."

Jack H, CEO, Analytics Company


"Astonishingly deep databases. Hands down the best service of its kind. Very neat website with thousands and thousands of data series that can be downloaded in seconds. I have purchased data from other sources but either they are super expensive or they don't have local data or most recent data. I think DataGalaxy overcomes all those deficiencies and offers data through an excellent cloud-based website that is just fun to use".

Bill K, Researcher


"Data Galaxy is allowing us to get all our data from one, convenient source, saving a lot of time. Now we have more time for research and analytics. We have multiple subscriptions and that is allowing our executives and key analysts to spend less time on data hunting and more time on running our business. DataGalaxy is a real efficiency booster!"

Bob B, CEO, National Supplier