About us

Data Galaxy was created by data scientists at Scorelogix to solve one big problem  finding good, affordable data. We fundamentally believe that good data is absolutely essential for good analysis and for making good decisions. But good data is really hard to find at a reasonable price and in an easy to use format. We know this because we have been a voracious gatherer and consumer of all types of economic, consumer and business data for over 10 years. And we know how challenging and painfully tedious data collection can be and we also know that opportunity cost can be as high as 50% since at times analysts spend about half their time in gathering and preparing data instead of doing much needed analytical work.


Data Galaxy makes data affordable and its use ubiquitous. We have designed Data Galaxy with you in mind; to allow you to find data easily, from one source, in a matter of minutes instead of spending hours by going to various sites. Plus, we have priced Data Galaxy quite attractively – a single data series costs just $1.00 – just a fraction of what other leading data sources would charge you. In fact, the exact same data series on Economy.com will cost you $30.00, or even $40.00. Our low pricing strategy is designed to make data absurdly cheap and affordable for all users, so that you can explore, experiment, and test various datasets to see what works best in your analyses without any hesitation or incurring spending guilt.


Good data results in better outcomes. Data Galaxy can help.

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